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“فلو” هي شركة رائدة في توفير حلول الطاقة والتكييف المؤقت في الشرق الأوسط وسوق الفعاليات العالمية. يتمتع متخصصو المناسبات لدينا في “فلو” بفهم عميق لاحتياجات عملائنا ، مما يمكننا من توفير حلول طاقة وتبريد موثوقين و مستقرين للتطبيقات الهامة.

من تشغيل مراسم الافتتاح إلى قاعات المناسبات التي يتم التحكم في درجة حرارتها ، نفهم هنا في “فلو” مدى أهمية وجود شريك موثوق لمنظمي الفعاليات والمناسبات. لقد قمنا ببناء فريق كبير من المتخصصين في تنظيم الفعاليات المناسبات لاستكمال أسطولنا من المعدات ذات المستوى العالمي

Our Services

What We Do

Embedded in every line of our work is a deep understanding of the intricacies and specific requirements of the event industry.
It is our mission to consistently provide bespoke, reliable and safe cooling and power solutions for our clients.


FLOW can provide a turnkey power solution to any scenario - big or small. Alongside our fleet of power generators, we can also supply a full range of distribution boards and power cables, offering a truly reliable power solution. FLOW is also at the forefront of sustainability through product innovation, that now includes Solar, Hydrogen, Battery and alternative Fuels


FLOW can design bespoke HVAC solutions utilizing a full range of industry-leading products. Our products range from split AC units through to industrial chillers and air handlers. Through optimized engineering design, the team at FLOW maximizes the products efficiency to deliver the most energy-saving solution



In 2022, we have decided to expand further into the sustainable space of temporary cooling and power rental. This began with the introduction of our new ‘Green Rental’ solutions, that include Hydrogen Generators, Solar, Batteries and Natural Bio-diesel Additives.


our approach

Here at FLOW, we plan to continue with our efforts of positively contributing to the global sustainability mission by reducing impact on the environment.

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Working Together

Partners & Projects

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